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You WERE the epitome of masculinity

My Adonis my Zeus

My tall, dark and handsome

And oh, how you could seduce

You wore cuffs without buttons

‘Cause when you flexed, they popped off

You’re the guy’s guy

The ladies man

And the attention you received, never stopped

But enough of these details,

The foundation has been laid

His brawniness established

However, my point is yet to be made

So…here I go

After countless nights of lustful fumblings

Where fingers found through our clothes what we had yet to discover of each other

After lips and tongues had traced the salty skin forming the arches of our necklines and hips

And after teeth would suggestively bite at the smooth flesh of earlobes, collarbones and the lines of our backs, leaving the most subtle marks to remind you the next day that last night’s touches were no dream

Did I at last hear the bold words to allow me the opportunity to go where I had not yet gone before, with THIS man. And they were, “I’m all yours, my body is your playground so you can do anything you want to do to me.”

His words rang so sweetly in my ears.

Particularly anything.

Anything, entailed skin on skin, breath and sweat. So as my heart pumped like the wings of a humming bird and sent out the lusty tingles to my fingers as they unbuttoned and unzipped his barrier to my erotic bliss did I find that I was to be a lone rider on the seesaw in his playground.

Oh sure his body was my playground but how was I to see without his saw, fly my kite without his wind…was I to hide and also seek myself?

What was this? To my surprise, this park had only broken equipment to ride.

So I left it up to him…

But even though he rubbed his groin no stirrings issued fourth from his loin.

I figured out really quick this guy just didn’t have a working dick

By: Bianca Moses