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Comfort Food


Man Metaphor Cake:  This cake came into being after many months of me trying to invent the perfect chocolate cake. I was determined to end up with a cake which wasn't too dense, wasn't overpoweringly sweet and could satisfy my chocolate fixes.  The end result was this "Man Metaphor Cake": it doesn't look so hot but, it's the best cake ever. My Pot Roast:  This pot roast will make folks think you've been slaving away all day basting and seasoning to get this meal on the table.  It will delight even the most hard core "Meat and potada" kinda guy.  All this with just 5 min of prep.  Southern Sweet Cornbread:  Finally, a recipe for cornbread that's sweet, mouthwatering and has a great non gritty texture.  I could live off of just this bread.  No really, I could.   Just try me.