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"Common Moment"

Crosslegged on the busstop bench he sat

casually sipping on a syrupy brew of warm

sunny day and honeysuckle blossoms

she understood this stranger completely

a certain "velvet"

about the moment existed and its

presence created a smooth tactile

sensation of soft comfort

She smiled as she gazed through him and

daydreamed about her own common

experience and was caught by the corner of his eye.

He smiled to her in recognition

and confirmation of their common bond.

The uniform of his fingers over his palm

whispering, "Hi", stirred her back to reality.

Seeing this, she blushed having now realized

she had been read so easily and

copying his childlike wave, waved back.

The green light signaled the ending of their common

moment and she drove on

as he was left waiting for his bus.