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"I Want to Close my Eyes..."

I want to close my eyes

Breathe in slowly

and feel the cool air seep into my body,

lift my mind higher, let me escape.

I want to dive quickly to a close stop

while I melt to become part of the thick,

smooth, warm colored comfort I long.

I want to travel back into my past and

soak in all the detail my mind tells me never

existed but I somehow know I should miss.

I want my memories to soak them in &

explode with a radiant glow, as does

old, dry wood when just touched with oil.

I want to smell a scent so saturated with familiarity,

it pulls me through a hidden door.

I want the musky, yellowly dim hallway

to not lose me in my own memories, but

lead me to the threshold which opens to

what can only be a dream-like surreality

so that I might covet a time,

then taken for granted.